TESTS Test Center TOMRA Sorting, Mülheim – Kärlich, Germany.

  • As part of the partnership project entitled: “Implementation of innovative, environmentally friendly technology for recovery of metals” between TOMRA Sorting AS and Wtor-Steel Limited Liability Company under the auspices of the “Green Industry Innovation Program Poland”. According to the resulting arrangements for the scope and responsibilities of the partnership on 30.06.2015 – 01.07.2015, the tests were performed in the Test Centre of TOMRA Sorting, Mulheim – Karlich, Germany.

    sorting process simulation (using the technology applied in this project), which will be finally implemented by Wtor-Steel Limited Liability Company,

  • analysis of the level of metals in various grain size fractions,
  • verification of the levels of separation and final purities of sorted fractions at the assumed process throughput,
  • verification of the use of compressed air for a given material fraction,
  • analysis of bulk densities for various grain size fractions.

    The results obtained during the test, in the form of “test reports”, as well as technical and technological analyses made it possible to optimize and tailor the sorting process to the needs and circumstances, as well as conditions of Wtor-Steel Limited Liability Company.

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